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2013/2014 Race Result:

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2013/2014 Race Result:


***Gooty - 220 Kms Air Distances


Derby: 9th and 10th place

Young Bird (YB): 2,6,7,8,9 and 10

Open Bird (OB): 7,8 and 10


***Manthralayam: 340 KM

Derby: 2

YB: 10

OB: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7


***Gulbarga: 500 KM

Derby: No bird in club

YB: 7th (Total 7 birds returned in club, only 1 bird came into bangalore, its for me). Rest 6 birds for a person who is staying 60 KM infront from bangalore.

OB: 5,6,9 and 10


***Nanded: 700 KM

OB: 5,6 and 9 (11th place also mine, but only 10 places in a race)


***Betul: 1000 KM

Checker Cock - 3rd place in club(out of 22 birds from my club), 7th place in South India federation(Total 100 Birds).

Basketed 5 birds and 4 birds returend from the 1000 KM race.

Welcome 2014

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Dear Friends,

Welcome for 2014, wishing you and your family a merry X-MAS and a happy new year. 

I started with my racing program for the year 2013/2014. Birds are in racing track, just completed a toss of 25 kms. I started with 41 birds and lost 3 birds in 7 kms to falcon.

The place where i tossed my birds is near a lake side, so many falcosn. All the birds came one by one. What ever heppening is for good only.

You can see my updates in my blogs. All the best for the people who ever racing.

Yours in Sports



01 - Name = vincent 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Message = Hi, I am new to the pigeon thing. I like to start with racing pigeon with my 2 boys but i have a question about what is the difference tippler pigeon to racing pigeon or homer pig

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There are different breads in pigeons you may aware of, I just listed below

1. Tippler

2. Tumbler

3. Racing Homer

4. Fancy Pigeons

5. Feral Rock Pigeons (Jungle Pigeons)


Tippler: These are called high flying pigeons, which can fly in the air for long durations. These pigeons can fly in day and night with some lighting support. In different part of India the tournaments for these birds were conducted, which bird will fly for long time is consider as winner. Every tournament will have different set of rules. In Kanya kumari District, Coimbatore, Trichy, Karur and Chennai are famous for these birds in Tamil Nadu. Andra Pradesh, Kerala and some other state also having fanciers who keeping these birds.


Tumbler: These birds will fly long time in air and also tumble in the air. There are different Varity in these birds based on the tumbling style. These birds were famous in Bangalore, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai.


Racing Homers: These birds were name as homer because of their homing instinct. Where ever you released it will get back to your home. With proper feeding, caring and training these birds can race from a distance of 100 KM to 1800 KM in India. The quality of the bird can be identifying from the homing instinct while returning back from race. The birds which reach home faster is consider as winner. There are various clubs in India who conducting these races. Chennai is the hot spot for these homing birds, there are around 20 clubs and more than 500 fanciers who are in this racing sport.




Returns from Ramakona - 1000 KM Race " Conducted by South India Pigeon Racing Federation" - 18/March/2013

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Dear Friends,

As i am happy i thought of sharing the same joy with you all. One of my bird returned from the 1000 KM federation race on 29th April 2013. It took 43 days, i know this is not a great record but the way it came makes me happy. It was hit by falcon in its wing and also in it leg. It took time to get recover while on its flight, in its way back to his home. This bird i was expecing in a good timing, but may be due to the falcon attack it took these long days.

This bird flown 180, 250, 350, 700 and 1000 KM races this 2013 year race. In march 2013, when it was raced its age was 19 months old. Not even a 2 year old bird the way it flow is amazed.

Still have hope on 3 of my birds which need to be returned.



Ramakona - 1000 KM Race " Conducted by South India Pigeon Racing Federation" - 18/March/2013

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Dear Friends,

This is my second year of racing and its my first year for participating in these distance races. Every one in this pigeon sports will have same goal "Need to race for very long distance". Winning or loosing may depend on many factors, participating in 1000 KM and more than that distance itself a prestigeous one. When i start with my training for this year, i thought if i got a position to participate the 1000 KM race with one pigeon itself a big achievement. By god grace,  blessing from my friends and family, with all my club members supports and also by lot of guidence given by my beloved friends from Salem, bangalore and Nagercoil i participated the 1000 KM race with 5 birds (4 male and 1 female).

We started from bangalore on 15th March and reached chennai on 16th morning. We went to one of our friend from chennai, his name is Vishnu. I need to thank him for his hospitality. He take care of us and our birds.

On 16th evening we basket our birds, due to some reason one of my bird got hurt in his legs. When i about to tag the bird i noticed it is bleeding in its legs. Still having the confidence on my bird i basket it with rest of my 4 birds.

On 18th Morning 6.30 AM they released the bird from the racing point which is Ramakona in Madhya Pradeesh state (1000 KM Air distance from bangalore).

So my dream of this year became true, now the question from every one and also including me is whether the birds will return in time or not... :)

Many mistake i did unknowingly in last moments, mab be due those know reason or can be due to some other unknown reasons i didn't received my birds with in board time of 7 days. But one of my bird reached home on 2nd April 2013 which is the 16th days.

I am very much happy to see my bird back in my loft. Its in normal condition, fully tired and taking good rest in the loft. The bird which got hurt in its leg, same bird only make home now from 1000 KM.

This bird was late in 500 KM race, so i directly put for 1000 KM. The time taken may not be a good, but the distance travelled by my bird is a great one with a 500 KM jump.

Still waiting for my 4 more birds, at any day they will make home if they are alive.



Returns from Nanded 700 KMs

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Dear Friends,

From Nanded 700 KM, Second bird came on 20th feb (young bird) and the third bird came on 27th Feb, this is a 1.5 years old bird. Still waiting for rest of my birds.



Nanded - 700 KM - 17/Feb/2013

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Dear Friends,

1 of my bird make home by 12:48:47 PM, its a young bird. It got 9th position in this 700 KM race. I am very much happy on its performance. Out of first 10 birds, only three are young birds which is less that a year old. amoung three, one is mine. Rest all are older birds.

Today race is also bit tough for birds due to rain and poor climate. Only three members got their birds on second day. I am waiting for my birds which are on their way to home. Hopefully they will arrive very soon.

Will update shortly



Nanded - 700 KM - 16/Feb/2013

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Dear Friends,

My birds are on the way from Nanded :). My club released the birds by 6.30 AM on 16th Feb 2013, as of now no one got their birds. Hopefully on 17th morning we will receive our birds.

I participated with 8 birds, out of which 6 are less than one year old and 2 are less that 2 years old.

Eagerly waiting for my birds... :)



Gulbarga Race - 03/Feb/2013

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Hello Friends,

Gulbarga Race was held on 03 feb 2013, distace is 500 KM in Air. I participated with 21 birds, 13 birds make home till date. Feel very much proud and very very happy about my birds. Even though the returns are not that good, the way i got my birds are still surprising me.

With all the blessings from god, my birds for 1st and the 2nd positions in the young bird catagory. Only 6 young birds make home with in the board time. Few of my friend got birds in derby and open class as well.

Out of 9 race members only 4 members received birds with in the board time (till 6.30 PM). I received a total of 3 birds on the race day, 2 birds with in board time and 1 bird by 6.36 PM.

 Second day i received 4 more birds and on 6th day one more bird. 7th day three more birds and on 10th day one more bird.


On 16th feb 2013 i received one more bird which is of 7 months old.

 Below is the race result.

 Young Bird

 Ring No Fancier Name Position

KRPS/12/655 Ajai 1

KRPS/12/677 Ajai 2

 Still waiting for my feather friends who were on their way to our home.

I am ready with my 8 birds for the next race which is of 700 KM in Air. Due to some personal reasons i went to my native, i am thanking my brother who takes care of my feather friends during my absents. I try my level best to bring the birds back to form, hopefully my birds will give their best.



Mantralayam - 350 KM Race

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Hello Friends,

Little more happy i am after this race, because this time also i got 2nd position in the Derby Race (This time old and young birds can participate in it). I participated with 25 birds and 14 birds make home in board time (12 YB out of 14 YB, 1 Derby out of 2 Derby Birds and 2 open bird out of 9 open bird). Two more make it before evening (1 Young B and 1 open Bird). So total of 16 birds came on that day out of 25, i am waiting for my remaining 9 birds. Hopefully they will make home by the next day.

Surprisingly one bird return after 1 week from the 250 KM guntakal race today morning. While seeing me in morning she is very happy and showed her reaction to me. She is in very good condition, but feel little relaxed and tired after she reached her home. She is in full rest today.

Here goes my birds positions for this mantralayam race.

Open Derby

Ring No Fancier Name Position

KHPS/11/1218 Ajai 2

Young Bird

Ring No Fancier Name Position

KRPS/12/659 Ajai 11 -  I missed the 10th position by 0.04 velocity difference

KRPS/12/658 Ajai 16

KRPS/12/421 Ajai 17

KRPS/12/654 Ajai 20

KRPS/12/674 Ajai 24

KRPS/12/660 Ajai 25

KRPS/12/669 Ajai 33

KRPS/12/665 Ajai 36

KRPS/12/677 Ajai 37

Open Bird

Ring No Fancier Name Position

Sri/12/102 Ajai 8

KHPS/12/1213 Ajai 9

I will update shortly with my returns of my remaining birds.